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Industrial Automation

PLC Programming

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is at the heart of a machine’s automation.

Consequently, it is very important for the PLC to be programmed in line with the way the process and device operate, İn order to obtain this, Universal Engineering always delivers custom-made solutions.

We use the most recent hard- and software to guarantee our customers a reliable PLC.

Moreover, our programmers have a wide experience with industrial applications, are also familiar with the most diverging PLC types and brands.

Besides the traditional PLC, also has knowledge of new technologies

Additionally, also caters for the re-engineering and automation of existing processes and installations.



Process Visualisation

The graphical display of production processes on a computer screen or an operator panel simplifies the control and comprehension of these processes. This way a better control and improved user friendliness lead to a higher efficiency and a better quality control.

Universal Engineering has extensive experience with both simple and more complex systems and processes. Our solutions are always designed to suit the user: this means that clarity and user-friendliness are definitely crucial factors.

In addition to process visualisation, we also help our customers manage their processes with different possibilities for the control, follow-up and reporting.



• HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

• SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

• Process follow-up

• Data logging

• Alarm indication by SMS and e-mail

• Trending

• Link to MES / ERP / database


Electrical Cabinets & Wiring

Universal Engineering owns a modern and well-equipped workshop in order to offer its customers both standard systems and tailor-made solutions. Just like for process visualisation, we pay additional attention to the clarity and user-friendliness of our systems.

  •   Based on our own or customer’s design

  •   Analysis, design, mounting, installation, wiring,      connection,testing and start-up

  •   Interventions and maintenance

  •   Modification of existing systems

  •   Mounting and wiring in our workshop or on site

  •   More and more compact, efficient and user friendly